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An Author’s Legacy Beyond His Words from CNN.com.

Author’s voices can resound long after they are gone. For Alicky Sussman, that’s the hardest part of living without her husband, Paul. READ MORE

Review of  ‘a top-notch thriller’ in the Daily Mail.

Harry Ritchie on a captivating, intelligent and notably well-written novel with depth of characterisation that most thrillers don’t even attempt. READ MORE

Sinister Intertwining in The Financial Times.

Christopher Fowler reviews a beautifully observed thriller from a world class story teller. READ MORE

The latest crime fiction reviewed in The Telegraph.

Paul Sussman reminds us that crime fiction is one field where the Brits give the Americans a run for their money on the medal table. READ MORE

A round-up of this Summer’s best thrillers in The Guardian.

John O’Connell on stylish writing and deep research. READ MORE

Some trade reviews.

Sussman dextrously weaves the many subplots into a taut skein, never losing sight of his characters’ humanity and troubled lives. READ MORE

While unlikely cop pairings are old hat, its good to see a non-hackneyed collaboration between Arabs and Israelis. READ MORE

Some views from the literary bloggers.

A penetrating and deeply emotional portrait of two men brought together in the cruellest of circumstances. What they uncover is not easy to stomach. READ MORE

With such a tangled web of plots it would have been easy for this novel to crash and burn but Sussman has the ability to juggle the various sections, cranking up the tension notch by notch as the plot unfolds. READ MORE

Interview with Paul for Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm.

Many Western novels about Egypt risk emphasizing common stereotypes. But British novelist Paul Sussman is an exception. READ MORE